Stella Rosa® Non Alcohol Rosé

Stella Rosa® Non Alcohol Rosé


With fun, fresh and fruity in mind, our team of Italian winemakers sought out to craft the same great taste of Stella Rosa, but in a non-alcoholic form. The team spent months researching and testing different ways to make our famous flavors perfect even without the alcohol. A year later, Stella Rosa Naturals was born! Some of the first words that come to mind when you taste it: lush, juicy, sweet, delicious, amore and ciao. Made in the same method, with the same real fruit flavors, Stella Rosa Naturals are frizzante (lightly fizzy) and taste just like the original with only 0.3% ABV.

Try this delicious (and guilt-free) Stella Rosa Naturals Rosé chilled or over ice in your favorite cocktail/mocktail. It’s the perfect beverage for any time of day and for any occasion.

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