White Wine Summertime Pack


We’re approaching Labor Day, which means it’s time to bring out the ice-cold #StellaRosa & BBQ! To Stellabrate, we’re hosting another live tasting with Nina Chantele from @1043MYFM! We’ll be revealing 6 simple, yet irresistible BBQ dishes that you can recreate from home and bring along your next picnic or backyard BBQ this summer!  Everything from sides, to desserts, and main course items will be on the menu. 😋


This pack includes 1 each of:


– Stella Rosa Golden Honey Peach
– Stella Rosa Red Apple
– Stella Rosa Tropical Mango
– Stella Rosa Green Apple
– Stella Rosa Pineapple
– Stella Rosa Peach


$76 (shipping included)


Make sure to tune in on our YouTube (@StellaRosaTV) or Facebook (@StellaRosaWines) on Thursday, August 20th for the live show. Stay tuned, all these recipes will be available soon on

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